Breathwork & Wellbeing Events

Add joy to your calendar with these breathwork & wellbeing events

Your diary is a sea of events, must-do activities, and tasks. Just looking at your calendar raises your heart rate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can look at your diary and feel relief, happiness, and ease. Plan pockets of joy and self-healing into your day by giving yourself, and your team, wellbeing events to look forward to.

From offering transformational breathwork classes to speaking at wellness events or organising corporate wellbeing activities, I am an experienced and attentive wellbeing speaker, facilitator, and host.

Take a look at the upcoming breathwork and wellbeing events below. If any take your fancy, please sign up. I’d love to see you there!

Invest in yourself and your people with immersive breathwork & wellbeing events

Transformational breathwork

Each breathwork class focuses on a set theme or intention, coupled with positive psychology interventions such as gratitude techniques, affirmations, and journaling.

I’ll curate the perfect playlist to bring the group intention to life and guide you on a transformative journey.

Join one of my transformational breathwork classes or book a private class for your team.

Speaking engagements

Whether it’s a corporate event, the House of Lords, BBC radio, or a global conference, I feel at home on the stage.

As a speaker, I can cover an array of wellbeing topics including grief and loss, resilience, burnout prevention, and self healing, to name a few.

Book me as a speaker for an engaging talk delivered with energy and compassion.

Corporate wellbeing events

Your people are the heart of your company. Corporate wellbeing events let you put your people first.

From workshops and wellness weeks to Mental Health First Aid training, corporate away days, or retreats, I will enhance your team’s wellbeing and, in turn, performance.

Get in touch to discuss standard and bespoke corporate wellbeing offerings.

Transformational breathwork

Breathwork is powerful. My transformational breathwork classes tap into the powers of your breath.

As a holotropic breathwork practitioner, I will gently guide you through rapid breathing patterns set to meditative music. This breathwork style lets you enter an altered state of consciousness, designed to enhance emotional healing and personal growth.

Each breathwork class will focus on a set theme or intention, coupled with a curated playlist and positive psychology interventions such as gratitude techniques, affirmations, and journaling.

Transformational breathwork could be for you if you are keen to:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Release and heal trauma or adverse life experiences
  • Focus on being more positive
  • Develop emotional regulation
  • Seek energy and performance
  • Enhance your quality of sleep
  • Reduce chronic pain

My holotropic breathwork classes are available both in-person and online, with regular group sessions running every month. If you are interested in a 1:1 private class, please get in touch.

I can also bring breathwork classes to corporate retreats and wellbeing events, adding a holistic wellbeing experience to your event. Please reach out for more information.

Corporate wellbeing events

Enrich your company culture and performance by investing in your employees. Keeping your people happy is pivotal to retaining your best people, reducing absenteeism, and raising revenue.

I can support your organisational culture and wellbeing through a variety of corporate events and offerings. I can host corporate events around crucial calendar days such as World Mental Health Day, Stress Awareness Month, or Mental Health Awareness Week — something I have the pleasure of doing for corporate clients such as Nike, Havas, and Lloyd’s of London.

Having delivered workshops, corporate away days, and wellness retreats for numerous leading corporate companies, I can put together a corporate wellbeing offering that suits the exact goals and needs of your business.

I offer a variety of standard or bespoke workshops, along with Global Mental Health First Aid  training.

Get in touch to discuss corporate wellbeing events or learn more about workplace wellbeing programmes.

“As sponsor of Markel’s Wellbeing pillar, I was delighted when Ruth agreed to deliver a webinar for us, in recognition of World Mental Health Day. “No panic – getting your head around anxiety” leveraged Ruth’s vast personal and professional experience, whilst effortlessly showcasing her incredible presentation skills. The content was perfectly pitched and delivered with Ruth’s trademark compassion, authenticity, and sensitive humour. I left the presentation feeling educated, uplifted, and empowered. Simply wonderful!”

Sharon Crofts, Director, Markel International.

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