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Download my free guided meditation for seven whole minutes of glorious you-time!

Finding time to do the things that are good for us can often feel like a struggle, but you can still achieve so much with a small amount of time.

Swap your next social media scrolling session with my short 7-minute guided meditation, and you will feel all the better for it.

In our seven minutes together:

  • I will help you check in on your entire body, and where you are meeting yourself today.
  • We will focus on gratitude with some gentle prompts (so don’t worry if you think meditation is just about quieting your mind!)

Gratitude is one of the most researched positive psychology interventions; luckily for you, this meditation combines relaxation and boosting your Mental Wealth!

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ruth cooper-dickson

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Ruth Cooper-Dickson is an esteemed workplace wellbeing expert, advocating for mental health across various platforms. Committed to nurturing a healthy workspace, she facilitates pathways for comprehensive organisational and individual wellbeing.

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